Rackmount 2×N Optical Switch



2×N rack-mounted fiber optic switch is a kind of functional device,with the ability of controlling and switching optical route. It can be manually selected from front panel or controlled via RS232 port, Ethernet port and auto-scanned on certain frequency. In optical fiber transmission system, it is used for multi-channel fiber monitoring, multi light source/ detector selection, and optical fiber path protection etc. Besides, it is also used in optical fiber test system for optical fiber and its component test, outdoor cable test and multi-spot optical sensors monitoring system.


◆      Low Insertion Loss and Fast Switching 

◆      SerialNet, High Reliability, High Stability 

◆      LCD Display 

◆      RS232 Control and Ethernet Remote Management


◆      FITL 

◆      Automatic Measurement 

◆      Optical Network Remote Monitoring 

◆      Cable Monitoring and Maintaining system